Sunnyvale's lovely library.  A simple expansion would make it a showpiece and allow funding for local branches everyone can walk to.


New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Hi - I'm Michael Goldman!   Who am I and why am I running for Mayor?

A 30-year resident of Sunnyvale, a Vietnam Vet (USN - USS Carronade), family man with 2 sons who recently graduated from public colleges in CA.  I've been a soccer coach, basketball coach.  Now I hike the hills and post blogs on local issues.  I was a software engineer (drivers and data communications) fo many years with several publications.  I have a B.Sc. Physics, MA Math from UW-Madison.  I also spent years tutoring math to inner-city and native-American kids.  I worked in the EPA on auto emissions regulations.  I taught in public high schools.

I try to see both sides of an issue and look for a way to turn conflicts into win-win situations.  I am a centrist Democrat for fiscal responsibility.  At the age of 11 I wrote (with a little help from mom) a letter to my Senator saying we should balance the Federal Budget.  Unlike the US government, a city can't print money.  A city really does need those old fashioned values of saving and prudent spending.

We need to take care of what we have, not destroy it.  Sunnyvale has to preserve and (when the economy recovers) expand the parks, libraries, and playing fields that make a city a good place for families to live and work.  The past city councils repeatedly voted to tear down our existing library and put up a new one.  I lead the fight against selling most of the civic center to finance these extravagant plans.  The best way to grow our library system is to expand the current building and add neighborhood libraries that kids, families, and seniors can walk to.

Like many, I share the frustration of many who feel that too often City Councils ignore the needs of its residents and bend to the will of special interests.  I would like to create the office of ombudsman, reporting directly to the City Council, who would make sure residents' concerns are heard and answered.  With the world economy in serious trouble, we need to respect our financial limits.

When we recover from the current crises we can expand the library, City Hall, Police and Fire facilities with realistic, cost-effective ways to build on what we have, not grandiose plans made by selling off our parks and green spaces to the highest bidder.  Our population increases but infrastructure does not.

I hope I can serve the needs of all Sunnyvale by providing a responsive city government that listens to its residents, and provides more and better parks and library facilities without going into debt or selling off public lands to do it.

Michael S. Goldman

My two sons were born in Sunnyvale - wrestled for Fremont High School, graduated from California colleges.

Old Sunnyvale City Hall - Now a parking lot.  Gone forever thanks to previous City Council.  Could have been a nice Teen Center or museum.  We should preserve the good things we have.

With the advent of e-books, children are now the main library patrons.  We need more libraries kids can walk to.  Here's a short music video celebrating kids & libraries.  Enjoy.



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