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Preserve, Expand, Improve: Libraries, Parks, Safety


The background picture is Sunnyvale's Sunken Gardens Golf Course.  There is pressure to close our gold courses since golf is becoming less popular.  If closed, will they become high rise office buildings or a park?

Michael Goldman will preserve it as a golf course or park.  Previous city councils voted repeatedly to sell/lease our green open spaces (acquired over decades) to the highest bidder.  With your help, I will work to keep and expand our open and green spaces.


Vote for Michael Goldman to preserve and expand parks, libraries, and playing fields for kids, families, and seniors.

We are facing very serious crises in our lives with COVID-19 and the economic fallout.  We need to act very cautiously in city finances so that we do not compromise public safety, or the parks, library and other facilities that make Sunnyvale a great place for our family and friends.

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May 12, 2020

$150 Million Debt for New City Hall?

The artist's conception of what would be a new city hall looks very nice (don't they all?) but there a lot of questions that need answering.

  1. Amidst unparalleled economic uncertainty, can't we wait before going into debt for $150 Million?

  2. Why tear down the current city hall?  It could be a gallery for local artists, meeting rooms for clubs, a teen center, etc.

  3. Why remove beautiful old trees and take green space on our civic center instead of putting it in an existing parking lot?

More on this later ...

April 26, 2020

Parks Still at Risk

With friends and allies we got the Sunnyvale Public Lands act on the ballot.  Because of that the City Council drew up a list of public lands that require a 5-2 vote of the Council to sell. 

That's a start.  Now let's finish the job by changing that City Council majority vote to a 50%+1 vote of the people.

May 14, 2020

Environment: A few years ago, Sunnyvale joined with other cities to form Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE).


October 28, 2018

Videos of Interest

Key videos illustrate the stakes of this election

  1.  "Get My Pension" at https://youtu.be/BbCa6Do6AmA captures city planning staff on open mic saying they argued for a hotel (despite unanimous resident objections) because it increases the tax base to pay for their pension.

  2.  "City Workshop" at http://MeetingTheTwain.blogspot.com/2016/10/civic-center-99-year-lease.html shows city staff and council fully intended to lease 60% of the Civic Center to private developers for 99 years.  It is part of a blog post along with photo-copies of emails inviting city council members to view the plans of multi-billionaire Jay Paul.

April 26, 2020

Housing Costs - Blog Posts

What I've been learning about housing:

Building more housing doesn't lower the costs:


Housing crisis or a transportation crisis:


Economists on effects on housing costs of increased density:


Why growth doesn't go on forever:


April 5, 2016

City Council Votes to Sell Raynor Park Building with Park Priority Use


The City Council over-ruled the Planning Commission (appointed by the City Council) to allow the Stratford School corporation to buy the Raynor Park Building and gain exclusive use to part of the park for most of the day.  The money will go to a new library in the north side of Sunnyvale pitting one side of Sunnyvale against another.  A simple $15 million bond issue would have given North Sunnyvale a branch library and preserved the park building for the many kids who did gymnastics and other activities there.


The real problem is a shortage of parks.  If residents had more park land the partial loss of what they have would not sting so much.  Of the $55 Million recieved in park mitigation fees since 2010, not a penny has gone to acquire park land.  THAT is what has to be changed!

February 9, 2016

Fighting the Special Interests to Keep Our Green Space


In the Summer of 2012, City Council voted 5-2 to look at a 99-year lease of about 70% of the Civic Center in return for a new library from the developer.  From El Camino to the entrance of the current library there would be four 6-story buildings.  Along Pastoria would rise another high-rise apartment building.


Michael Goldman and Deborah Marks formed "Citizens of Sunnyvale for Parks and Green Spaces" (CSPGS) to inform people.  After receiving many emails and letters the City Council backed off - for now.  The threat of losing our 25 acres of green park-like Civic Center, acquired over many years, has not gone away.  


That is why Michael Goldman and so many others worked so hard to get the Sunnyvale Public Lands Act on the November, 2016 ballot - the only way to protect our parks and fields from future City Council vandalism.  A vote for Michael Goldman is a vote for parks and libraries for kids, families, and seniors.

Make Sunnyvale Green and Friendly - for Kids, Families, Seniors, Singles

Video below on blending cities and wildlife.  We do not have to destroy what we love to to build what we need


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